Cofely Endel’s Diversity commitment is expressed through an employment policy that places skills and equal opportunities at the heart of its human resources policy and through access to employment and advancement throughout one’s career.

Disabled persons :

4% of disabled employees by 2015. Signed on 19 March 2012, the agreement to employ disabled persons has been an extension of the HAND’EL Mission since 2007. It aims for an employment rate of 4% of disabled persons by 2015 based on three goals: recruit 39 employees, host 10 disabled persons as trainees and continue employing 30 employees recently recognised as disabled by rearranging their workstations or by redeploying them.

To achieve the 4% objective, we must continue the process of raising employees and management’s awareness of the fight against prejudices and the recognition of disabilities.

Professional Gender Equality : 

With a staff of approximately 8% women today, Cofely Endel set itself, when it signed the agreement on professional gender equality in June 2012, the ambitious objectives of developing the hiring of women in all of the company’s socio-professional categories (30% for managers, 20% for employees, technicians and supervisors, and 5% for labourers), especially in the operational occupations.

Gateways between the generations :

Cofely Endel is actively committed to employing young people and seniors. The transfer of knowledge and experience between generations is a key factor to ensure the company continues to master its “art” and know-how.

Diversity Label :

In 2013 Cofely Endel started an AFNOR labelling process for Diversity, a label that the GDF-SUEZ Group already obtained for a scope of 42,000 people in 2012.

Because Cofely Endel is a player concerned about its Social Responsibility, obtaining this label will serve the purpose of recognising and promoting the actions undertaken and completed with regard to preventing discrimination, equal opportunities and promoting diversity in the company and undertaking a continuous improvement plan for practices.