Support logistique aux opérations


  • Optimise the lead-times to prepare and work on your facilities
  • Decrease the downtimes
  • Optimise logistics costs
  • Strengthen safety and security


  • A “operational logistics support” service that coordinates all of your logistics needs related to your process activities : 
    • Planning and coordination of the different project phases (preparation, monitoring and windup)
    • Project assistance
    • Management of resources that can be shared: stores, tooling, spare parts, scaffolding, insulation, asbestos removal, waste management, etc.
    • Installation and operation of remote sites
    • Maintenance of infrastructures’ operational readiness: buildings, roads, etc. 
  • A solution subject to a performance guarantee so your needs are satisfied optimally 
  • Specialised services :
    • Asbestos removal
    • High-pressure cleaning
    • Lifting, jacking, assembly, slinging and scuffing 
    • Transportation and delivery
    • Support for complex operations and handling

cofely endel’s 

  • A dedicated unit that can manage all logistics services related to your on-site work, including delegated project management (assessment, surveillance and improvement plan)
  • The ability to develop specific tooling to meet your specific requirements

customers include

  • EDF (Centres Nucléaires de Production d’Electricité)
  • CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales)
  • DCNS
  • AZF