Certificats d’Economies d’Energies


  • Control your energy expenditure and reduce your energy consumption
  • Respect the European and French regulatory framework
  • Anticipate changes
  • Actively pursue a responsible growth approach
  • Promote a virtuous image



Our services

  • Energy audits
  • Identifying appropriate solutions with profitability analyses
  • Carrying out work: modifications, refurbishing and streamlining
  • Energy Savings Certificates

Our areas of expertise :

Cofely Endel works on all of a site’s major energy consumption items :

  • Motive power: motorised systems for all uses (pumping, ventilation, conveying, etc.)
  • Steam/hot water: production and distribution equipment
  • Compressed air: production and distribution equipment


cofely endel’s

Achievable savings

By applying these eco2solutions, Cofely Endel’s Customers can realise significant savings thanks to its technical expertise.
Here are a few examples of savings measured at Customers’ :

  • 30% energy savings on a compressed air production system
  • 20% fewer emissions on a heating system
  • Annual savings of €500,000 on a steam distribution network
  • Cofely Endel is certified and labelled in accordance with authoritative reference guides in the field: AFNOR and ADEME
  • Its measurement tools are based on the recommendations of the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).


customers include