Our services

  • Testing and commissioning: deliver a new high-performance and reliable facility with knowledge of its operational flexibility
  • Supervision: supervise some of your complex operations where our experience commissioning industrial facilities can help you improve the performance
  • Increased reliability: fine-tune an existing process or restore it to its nominal operating rate
  • Operation: test and temporarily operate a new or revised production process before delivery to the customer
  • Training – Consulting: take advantage of our field experience commissioning industrial facilities: we can advise you and train your teams in order to improve your operation’s performance.

Our approach :

Approche méthodologique

cofely endel’s 

  • A team specialised in commissioning facilities
  • Value’TES©, our database to capitalise on our commissioning experience
  • Specific tools developed by our experts based on our field experience
    • Solu’TES© to prepare the facilities commissioning scenario
    • Perfo’TES© to analyse and assess a process based on its production environment
  • An international scope of intervention