• Bring a new installation up to its rating while protecting its integrity and security
  • Start up the installation within the planned timeframe
  • Ensure the operation continues after a change of process


  • Take over your operation from dismantling through to restarting the equipment or transfer the installation according to a precise and structured process :
    • Listen to and understand your needs and issues
    • Advise and conceive the steps for the entire transfer process
    • Prepare and plan
    • Organise and integrate your equipment’s maintenance constraints
    • Securely and safely transfer all or part of your installation

added value

  • The meticulous preparation of each operation, which is complex and unique for each Customer
  • Mastery of the complete turnkey process: 1 unique contact person handles, in addition to the transfer, the logistics and customs clearance, if necessary.
  • Maintaining production during the transfer
  • Mobilising competent teams: from engineering to production as part of a comprehensive operation or dismantling/reinstalling

customers include

  • Shipbuilding: ENVC
  • Aviation industry: AIR FRANCE
  • Industry: TECUMSEH, KODAK
  • Transportation: ALSTOM
  • Pneumatics: NEU