Cross-disciplinary expertise covering all the issues of industrial projects

Over the years, our control of the life cycle of energy and industrial facilities has improved and enables us to accompany the life cycle of industrial projects from the initial audit/diagnostics phase to the feasibility study then the management of cross-disciplinary projects.

ENDEL ENGIE operates in particularly demanding environments, with constant imperatives of quality, security and safety.
ENDEL ENGIE operates in particularly demanding environments, with constant imperatives of quality, security and safety.

1. Engineering, design

1. Engineering, design

Architect of transformations of today's infrastructures and the industry of tomorrow

Management of multi-technical industrial investments

Design engineering:

  • Processes
  • Environment
  • Industrial risks
  • Energy optimisation of processes

Production engineering:

  • Basic and detailed designs
  • Purchasing assistance
  • Coordination and management of construction
2. Construction of infrastructures(production units, power plants), production facilities, new works

2. Construction of infrastructures (production units, power plants), production facilities, new works

Key player in the construction of complex and regulated industrial infrastructures

Procurement & Logistics

  • Logistical support for operations
  • Methods/Logistics

New works:

  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning) EPCM (& Engineering Procurement & Construction Management)


  • Pre-manufacturing in workshops

Construction and installation:

  • Modifications
  • Multi-technical projects
3. Maintenance, modification & multi-technical services

3. Maintenance, modification & multi-technical services

The French leader in industrial maintenance and installation modifications, both preventive and curative, for one-off and ongoing operations, maintenance engineering and deployment

Testing and commissioning:

  • Commissioning
  • Functional qualification
  • Commissioning industrial-facilities
  • Non-Destructive Testing (CND)

Maintenance engineering:

  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) - merchant and military ships
  • Global engineering and management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Multi-technical, multisite and multisector maintenance
  • Revamping/Modification and improvement
  • Preparing the shutdown and decommissioning phases
  • Extending the service life of industrial assets/Managing ageing and obsolescence
  • Optimising stocks of spare parts
  • Nuclear logistics

4. Transfer, dismantling

4. Transfer, dismantling and sanitation

A major player in the dismantling of complex equipment and the management of radiant waste


  • Turnkey transfer of complex units

Dismantling and Clean-up:

  • Computational engineering, mechanical design, isometry, studies
  • Dismantling/Radiation protection engineering
  • 3D modelling
  • Projects – new works (special machines – pre-manufacturing in factory; tests; installations)
  • Radiological characterisation
  • Characterisation and management of waste/soil treatment

4 strong points for ensuring the success of our customers

High standards regarding Health, Safety, Security and the Environment

At ENDEL ENGIE, security and radiation protection are an integral part of our work. *The primary aim of our Health – Safety – Security – Environment (D3SE) Division is to promote and develop our Safety – Radiation protection culture in the company while monitoring changes in regulatory requirements. In this respect, it studies, develops and deploys the tools everyone needs to continually improve and further Safety culture and practices. The D3SE coordinates and heads a network of regional managers and prevention officers. It provides support for the operational divisions in the development of new projects and contracts.

Operational commitments

In contact with our customers on a daily basis, we address their concerns and do our utmost to develop innovative design, execution and maintenance solutions central to their industrial processes.

State-of-the-art solutions

Through our mastery of our core business and our ability to federate complementary skills, we can offer increasingly integrated state-of-the-art solutions such as EPCC (Engineering Procurement Commissioning and Construction) or even multitechnical solutions.

The ENDEL ENGIE Institute's Business School

In 30 years, the Business School (École des Métiers), part of the ENDEL ENGIE Institute, has become a key partner in developing the industrial and energy ecosystem. Recognised as a training organisation in 2011, it teaches specialised technical skills in connection with professional practices through immersion in real-world conditions based on training at the cutting edge of new technologies.

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